Hoang, Vu Ba Huy

Hanoi Branch Director, Staffing Services/Executive Search

Hoang is Hanoi Branch Director for Employment Vietnam. He is responsible for the operation and management of the firm’s office in Northern Side of the country. Hoang is responsible from end-to-end for the quality of each search and the entire client experience. He is known for building exceptional relationships with clients and candidates, assessing talent strategies and business needs, engaging top talent and consulting on current labor market trends. In addition, he conducts his own executive search engagements in technology and telecommunications industry.

He joined Employment Vietnam with years of experience in business build-up and turnaround at management level. Previously, Hoang was the Associate Director of Development at HRI, he also acted as General Manager for ITNavi where he successfully launched a tech career platform and was part of the Executive Board.

Hoang holds a Master of Arts in Human Resources Management from Marymount University, Virginia, US and a bachelor’s degree from Staffordshire University.