Tran Nguyen

Associate Director, FMCG & Professional Service

Tran leads the FMCG and Professional Services team as an Associate Director for Employment Vietnam

Prior to Employment Vietnam, she spent 4 years doing HR consultancy, corporate training and recruitment across all functions from mid-management to executive positions including C-level, operation, finance, HR, sales & marketing and etc.  

She also had another 6 years’ experience covering diverse roles including business development, sales & marketing, operation management, project development and expansion to different local and international businesses before starting her official career in HR consultancy and recruitment.

With these roles, Tran developed and has formed enduring partnership with clients which gave her a deep insight of business operation to support her clients in finding the right talents.
Tran is a highly experienced and well networked executive search person with comprehensive understanding of and passion for business to business markets.

Her industries of expertise are: Advertising, Digital and E-commerce, Business Consultancy, Hospitality & Restaurants, Real Estate, Education, Legal Services, Fashion & Luxury, FMCG and Retails.