Executive Search

Executive Search is our Premium service and is thorough and confidential. Our approach guarantees the integrity of information obtained from our candidates. This is an accurately targeted tool for the selection of top talent senior management roles such as chief-level executive positions, managing directors, and all management team functions.
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Volume Recruitment

Scaling up the number of employees whilst meeting its high demand can be most challenging to most companies. At EV, we put greater value on quality and quantity in one versus time to fill which extends to an organizations business strategy. We understand the importance of having the right people, in the right roles, with the right strategic direction aligned to your business needs, We ensure that you and your team succeeds. EV help you focus on your core business activities while we take care to find the right talent at the right time for your organization. We can handle, manage the stress in large-scale recruitment for multiple departments, in similar or various roles. Generating quality hires, sourcing by nurturing prospective talent whereby creating a talent intelligence in high volume recruitment process. Simply not just gathering and spitting out the data but also giving out well-thought recommendation which come from the analysis of talent data. By assigning the volume recruitment services to EV, You can be rest assured that all your open positions will be filled with the right candidate, in the least possible time and in the most
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Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

In today’s times and highly competitive business environment, it’s essential for an organization to swiftly have the right talent on board. Our RPO ensures you have the right people and processes in place to meet business goals. Striking the optimal balance of technology-enabled efficiencies and highly-customized client engagement, we create a premium-level experience for each and every client we serve. We offer multiple customized service delivery options to our clients considering their business needs and a world-class leadership team that is committed to the success of your hiring initiatives. We’re FOCUSED ON DELIVERY. With EV, it’s about getting the right results. We use our global scale and wide range of capabilities to meet our promises, combined with a disciplined approach.
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Payroll Service

We do take care of your payroll administration along with statutory compliances and human resource consulting. We ensure error-free salary calculations, expense reimbursements, benefits, adherence to standards, government regulations, taxes and make sure to manage all documentation from employee onboarding till the exit process. Payroll outsourcing with us gives you peace of mind that you’re in expert hands and all employees will be paid on time, accurately.
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Contract Staffing Service

We always strive to be better and proud to be considered a partner to our clients to be relied upon to deliver top-quality candidates for even the most time-sensitive temporary / contract staffing needs. We do provide contractors and flexible staffing for short or long-term contracts and large-scale projects across various industries. We have a large pool of databases for getting the right contract manpower for the industries and have an excellent track record of having provided contract manpower to a large number of industries. Organizations in Vietnam hire many temporary employees as seasonal workers, consultants. Our candidate assessment process assures the highest quality matches between job seeker and employer, so our client will screen candidates who not only have the right qualifications but who also have the appropriate personality and cultural fit. It is important for an organization to look for service providers who are able to maintain perfect liaison between the employers as well as the contract recruitment. The demand for contractor staffing agencies has increased in many industries as there are many benefits for contract staffing as: - Temporary employees are extremely cost-effective if your business has temporary projects or seasonal work. - You can fill positions rapidly due to urgent circumstances. - You can increase or reduce your team size whenever your business scales up or downsize without negatively impacting your cost structure.
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Market Intelligence and Analysis

Talent mapping help you with valuable market intelligence regarding your current talent management strategies and near future hiring plans. It’s one of the reasonable and time saving ways to identify high potential talent in market. The Primary data finding can also act as a benchmark for your existing team and for succession planning purposes and to ensure your business has the right people in present and near future considering company long term vision, Values and goals. It’s really beneficial for strategic planning, providing organizations with the intelligence required to enter new markets, identify skills gaps, and recruit outstanding executives. Our highly well-trained professional headhunters utilize customize research methodology to map a talent within given country, region, sector, function to provide accurate detailed data in the form for report and presentation to our clients with in pre-defined timelines.
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