Technical Manager/ Nutrition & Formulation Manager

Work location: Dong Thap/Binh Duong
Report: General Manager (Expat)
Species: swine, poultry, and aquaculture 
Manages all Nutrition and R&D activities and extend supports to G2M (Go-To-Market) Technical team in all relating technical aspects when requested. Ensures that design and diet specifications are innovative, raw materials standards are updated, product performance remains to be ahead in terms of market competition and cost efficiency.
·  Establish unique design of feed product specification according to desired performance.
·  Establish standard definition of ingredient specification, usage and limitations.
·  Provide usage recommendation for all feed products formulated.
·  Facilitates the translation of inputs in the design of the feed product, definition of ingredient specification and product performance for identification & evaluation of alternative materials.
·  Continuously identifies new and alternative feed ingredients (both macro and micro) and its substitutes.
·  Approves acceptability of in-process products; provides recommendation and disposition relative to result of analysis such as reprocessing or downgrading for non-conforming products.
·  Actively develop necessary design adjustments according to the performance feedback of products against competition or market demand.
·  Verifies and validates specification implementations.
·  Periodically evaluate shadow pricing report.
·  Maintains an active collaboration with formulation and procurements team to assure continuous production.
·  Manages resources in order to conduct objectives growth studies relevant to the changing market expectations.
·  Ensures that new and alternative materials are strategically scheduled for performance studies for applicable and future prospective species.
·  Establish continuous benchmarking studies of product performance against relevant competitors.
·  Assist in the development of formula design according to the results of market study.
·  Source of technical product information that will be used to build a marketing plan.
·  Collaborate with Sales in conceptualizing new product according to market demand and emerging trends in animal nutrition.
·  Conducts periodic performance evaluation of team members and develop IDP to achieve/surpass PLR.
·  Recommend training interventions, commendations and promotions of team members.
·  Provides motivation, guidance and coaching for team members depending on evaluation results.
·  Prepare and develop succession plan to secure the stability of the department.
·  Ensures implementation of and adherence to company policies.
·  Performs administrative functions on the conduct of duties.
Graduate of Bachelor of Science in Agriculture/Animal Science / Animal Nutrition / Veterinarian / Animal husbandry
Five (5) years’ work experience in Feed Formulation and Animal Nutrition
Two (2) years leadership experience
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