Manufacturing Engineering (India)

What you can look forward to:
- Manage the product MFG for both NPI and MP stage.
- Optimize the production line by automation and reduce the VAM cost
- Drive the Quality, Yield improve for MP
- Factory CT, OEE improvement
- Expand capacity to match with Enphase demand need.
What you typically need to do it well:
- B.S. in Mechanical or MFG Engineering, or other suitable educational background or work experience
- 5+ years of experience at MFG Engineer area
- Familiar with PCBA and mechanical assembly process
- Good factory experience on Yield and SPC improvement
- Expert knowledge of production automation
- Good influence capability on vendor side to drive factory align with your instruction
- Data analysis skill to monitor/detect/resolve problems in factory daily operation
- Microsoft Excel, Word and PPT experience
- Strong verbal and written communication skills
- English is required working language
For a more detailed discussion, you may reach out to Ms. Zeny at,
Mobile #: +84 (0) 939705922
Direct line: +84 28 3910 0027 ext. 117