- Implemetation of IT policies regarding LAN/WAN network, computers, servers and telecommunication
- Upgrade and monitor the operation of the system
- Propose and implement technical solutions for IT infrastructure strategy
- Manage IT infrastructures, system administration relating to all IT matters at Head Office, all BPs.  Setup new IT and Telecommunication system for new office or new batching plant as required
- Active involvement in Company projects especially in software applications to takeover; ensure the stabilization/ availability
- System administrator
- Frequently maintenance the Company’s website to ensure that the website always has up-to date information
- Administrate system tasks for servers such as patch installation, user management, security control and version upgrade
- Perform regular system monitoring, history log checking and manage problem incidents
- Responsible for email administration: email account and access control
- Perform network administration and promptly fix troubleshooting if any
- Storage and security system/ Hệ thống lưu trữ và bảo mật
- Manage database and storage in terms of capacity monitoring, scheduling backup and restoration
- Monitor security violations and take corrective actions to keep adequate security
- Perform IT security supporting and execute IT security policies
- Implement and update anti-virus software
- Supervise subordinator
- Build-up successor: IT Training, delegation and encouraging
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