Location: Shenzhen, China
Industry: IT/ Component suppliers, Electronics manufacturers
Minimum Requirements
- Ample experience in the Guangdong manufacturing ecosystem
- A sound understanding of fundamental circuit theory
- Experience with circuit and PCB design software such as Altium of KiCad
- Familiarity with DC power circuit design involving microcontrollers, buck/boost, low dropout power supplies, discrete logic and battery chargers
- Experience with peripherals such as EEPROM, ADC, timers, I2C, UART and SPI
- Experience with control systems theory, particularly PID controllers
- Competence in operating electronic measurement equipment such as oscilloscopes, multimeters, spectrum analysers, electronic loads and power supplies
- Excellent communication skills with the ability to work with an offshore team
- Open-mindedness, willingness to learn and an excitement for solving worldly problems by experimenting, sharing knowledge and letting the best ideas win
- A university degree in electronics engineering or equivalent industry experience
Preferred Attributes
- Experience with:
+ Microcontroller architecture, peripherals, datasheets and application notes
+ Embedded firmware development using C
+ Scripting languages such as Python and Javascript
+ Version management systems such as Git
+ Product development using Agile methodologies
- Mixed experience in various electrical engineering disciplines including: RF communication, sensors, imaging, high reliability electronics, EMC testing and compliance certification
- A keen interest in solar technologies and social impact
Pls send CV to Ms Jenny/ Thu via email: thu.nguyen@employmentvietnam.com, or call her at mobile # +84(0)909623466 for further details