Employment Vietnam is a human resource leader in the local region with global reach.
We are a retained executive search firm that provides top talent to our clients to lead their organization’s key roles.
We operate through focused industry practice groups, each led by experienced recruiters,  team-spirited and talented professionals. Working in a seamless collaboration to deliver best possible outcome for both clients and candidates.

TRUST  – Trust is the foundation amongst all our dealings. We do what we say and we made sure that in everything we do, it is aligned with our core values in upholding our commitments both with our clients and candidates.
INTEGRITY – This reflects the value we place on ethics, uprightness and honesty.  Integrity is our moral compass to ensure fairness, transparency, and respect in order to building sustainable relationships.
PARTNERSHIP – Working in an effective partnership marked by freedom to frequently communicate in addressing important information and priorities needed to be addressed to.  Progress towards a specific goal is often on top of the schedule.
RESULT – We have an embedded sense of determination and strong preference for excellence and accomplishment.  These comes from our culture of collaboration and high-level of customer service. Our success is that of our clients whom we are always grateful that time and again, they return to work with us and refer us to others.
TEAMWORK – We trust and respect one another which create selfless communication, understanding and support, along with a core willingness to help each other.  The importance of teamwork extends to how we engage our clients, candidates, and partners.